To be a successful person, it is important to recharge YOUR Batteries! This could mean many things. Like an afternoon nap when you have a few moments, doing meditation or prayer, or just taking a much-needed vacation! However, we don’t have the luxury to do that as often as we need a RESET button!!!  So it is good to find outlets and find out how to make the most of your evenings after work to relax.


To become your Successful self, might I suggest you start to plan your weeks with a planner or calendar?

You can use a calendar to plan or a trusted day planner! Figure out what works best for you, and keep track of everything! It could mean the difference between success and failure in your life! That is worth the effort it takes to write a few things down!!

You might even find yourself planning more “ME” time!! 


Another finding is, that successful people are often social butterflies. They enjoy learning about others.  Also, they tend to make time for those who are important to them – their family and friends! Some even find time for after-work activities with coworkers. Because creating relationships with your employees or coworkers can also help maintain a great work environment.


Making time for your hobbies is also an essential way to keep your battery filled. Even people with a busy schedule will plug in time for what they are passionate about. Such as golf, hiking, gardening, and even my favorite… Painting! Whatever the hobby is, it is vital for your health and happiness to make the time.

You might catch someone successful in woodworking, writing a novel, painting on a canvas, or taking pictures of nature! They just love to have something to do with their time!

If you don’t have a hobby, this is a great time to search and try new things. You will learn about yourself and possibly find a new personal passion. In the meanwhile, take a painting class near you and see if it is right for you, and at least you planned an event for yourself as well as stepping out of your comfort zone and your regular routine.

Don’t be Robotic

All and all we are typically robotic in our daily lives. We get up, we go to work, we come home and then we repeat the next day and the next. However, we are not getting the recharge we really need by coming home and just vegging on the couch or scrolling on social media. The truth is, that stress relief is more than unwinding in the comfort of your home. Stress relief is taking action to better your life’s mundane repetitiveness and make the most of your life. Also keeps us from depression and other health issues, per some research.