This holiday is rooted in 1882, when labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize many workers & contributors that made America Strong and prosperous.

Wine and Canvas Tampa wishes everyone a Happy and Safe Labor Day!!

Labor Day is a time for celebration and History, Paint and Sip want to recognize the hard workers and for fun, share some fun facts you might not know. Labor Day is always on the first Monday in September and is celebrated nationally nationwide. Some may not know how this holiday came to be a nationwide tradition.

The Labor Day holiday originated in the late 19th century, was organized by the labor movement, and then became a national holiday.

It all started, with the facts, as we know them, supplied by the Labor Department, the Library Of Congress, and other sources.

In September 1800s, the unions of New York City decided to have a parade to celebrate their members being in unions and to show support for all unions. Thousands of people partook, but workers had to give an entire day of pay to see.  This one event inspired other unions to do the same. Other locations began to have parades as well, and by 1887, many states made Labor Day a state-level holiday.

President Grover Cleveland helped make Labor Day a national holiday. After violence involving the Pullman railroad strike, President Cleveland and lawmakers in Washington sought to make Labor Day a federal holiday to celebrate hard workers and their labor. This is about the time when President Cleveland signed an act in 1894, officially marking Labor Day as a Federal holiday. Which seemed inevitable since most states had already established Labor Day as a holiday by that point.

Now why does it fall on the first Monday of September? It is sourced back to Senator J Henderson Kyle in South Dakota who introduced the idea of Labor Day federal legal holiday to stay on the first Monday of September. It was established in June of 1894.

Parades were a thing that has greatly dwindled over time throughout the years. Now the holiday has much fewer parades, and more activities and barbecues instead. We have also implemented it over the years it to mark the beginning of Autumn/Fall and the end of Summer Season as well as the kick-off of American Football season.

But why can’t we wear white after Labor Day?

This old tradition comes from as early as the Victorian era when it was an absolute no-no to wear any white clothing after summer. Which evolved into Labor Day as the date to enforce this tradition. Though the tradition isn’t a law, it has to this day many still honor this past tradition to this day.

Since we still have unions today, we will probably see this holiday forever or at least a very long time.

As of today, the largest known national union (The National Education Association) has around 3ish million people who are members today.

So celebration is welcome, it is important we value its place in history.

Our Paint and Sip with a huge respect for those who work all day and all year, we celebrate you during your time off with a chance to come out after work or your day off and enjoy your time off while recreating a masterpiece and sipping on a concoction.

Tampa invites you to add any of our Paint and Sip events to your September calendar, How about our “American Skies” paint and sip to celebrate the holiday in style? Join us on September 11th for this Labor Day event!