Why Paintings Make the Best Gifts

If you‘re like me this holiday season, you might have trouble finding the perfect gifts for friends and family. So today I thought I’d write about giving art as gifts, this can be a great way to make each and every gift personalized.

That said, it might be time to check on some of our upcoming painting events to get the ball rolling.

 How to Pick Your Paint Class!

One thing to keep in mind is what colors or decor they lean toward. Rustic art won’t mesh with abstract, and mid-century won’t go with animal motifs.

However, the gift will still mean something special if you don’t know their style.

If you are familiar with their home, make a mental note of shapes, art already in the home, themes, or seasonal decor. This way the gift is unique to them personally. If you don’t have this information or it is for someone you aren’t as close to, I would stick to holiday-themed paintings only. 

If you are still on the fence about the idea of giving art as a gift, might I recommend more reasons why you should:


Paintings are an art that is Personal. There’s a lot of thought and devotion that goes into it. 

Paintings indicate the importance of the relationship you have with a person.

No gift would look or be the same. You won’t gift the same thing to two different people because they would have different elements and styles.

Also, a gift speaks volumes and the recipient can feel the sincerity and thought you put into painting it for them.

Just a few more fun reasons why you should give the gift of paintings.

Art is emotional

Paintings say more than a few words.  It impacts the human emotion in many ways with strong feelings. While it represents love, it can also be interpreted as loyalty, value, and gratitude for the relationship you have with the person.

It’s also Priceless

Some gifts are relevant only in a certain period, for example, flowers. They eventually wilt and die inevitably or a gift certificate that has one-time use. But art goes beyond this boundary and becomes timeless. In fact, its value is likely to increase as time passes, as most historic art does. This becomes priceless and irreplaceable.

It’s a unique and one-of-a-kind

Unless photocopies, not one art piece can be duplicated, which is why when you gift a DIY Painting, to someone you love, you’re letting them know they’re special. The person who receives the gift from you knows it is significant.

Finally, when you give the gift, include a note that explains it, or if you’re giving it to them personally, let them know why you made this for them. It will mean twice as much.

Season Greetings!