Sometime a hobby is just what the doctor ordered…

The importance of relaxing

Finding the time to relax and unwind is important

Why is relaxation at the bottom of your list? Yet it is the very thing that can keep you from having a bad day. It also has been proven to boost your health and wellness, so let us dip into your need for relaxation  or the need for more and then let us create the time.

Some people find going to the gym or pilates a well checkup. However, the mind tends to wonder doesn’t it? What you need to ask yourself is, Do you relax daily? What do you do to relax? Do you enjoy the relaxation? Is it uninterrupted?

Whether you are having a cup of coffee with a friend, meditating, or strolling in a park or on the sand at a beach, are just a vital as planning your meals for the week or updating your calendar and making appointments. So it is important to pencil “you” time in.

Don’t believe me, research states that relaxation makes the heart healthier!
It also has been known to cuts stress, improves brain muscle and memory
and can help avoid depression, anxiety, and other ailments. You could say, relaxation is a great source of Vitamins. So let’s all agree that Relaxing is important!

Painting is one way to relax actually. Painting allows the painter to create a beautiful painting and your mind is stimulated causing mental relief. When you create, you brain engages different parts, and whilst you can get caught up in what you are creating. Even if you spend less than an hour on painting, it will give you a sense of clarity and allow you to approach your next task with a fresher perspective.

Science has found that Art in any form, whether while creating or observing, reduces the stress hormone called cortisol. It also releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins which help you combat your personal stress and pain. Hence it is a great coping mechanism.

So why not get your health and relaxation with a paint class. No experience necessary and provides for a fun safe place to paint with peers and friends.
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