The story behind a piece of ART!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and like words, art is often meant to be “viewed” through the eye of the beholder. Paintings can be far more intricate than at first glance and difficult to decipher if the viewer doesn’t understand the back story or mind thought.

The story that can be told by artist and their story—are, quite literally, the stuff that makes novels and movies. For example “The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.” turned to life in the film Shutter Island, or the novel “Girl with a Pearl Earring, from a  Johannes Vermeer painting.

Not only does historic art have a presence in our lives, they tell their story of the life, struggles, economy, and politics even. —In the stories that they tell is just as interesting as the work itself and can even impact any individuals own personal values.

When we use visuals as our story, the artist uses power to push each viewers imagination, it brings emotions and sometimes intense feelings that capture universal hopes and dreams as well as some truths to light. What really sets painting and other arts apart from other history is its ability to narrate a story universally, preserving it for future generations to come.

As many have and can tell you, that the art takes on the painter. Not one piece is duplicated without technology and not even the exact same landscape or portrait will be identical due to the environmental aspects as well as the mindset of the creator.

Therefore, a piece of art and it story is unique and so is the one perceiving the image in the current state and time it is viewed. Ever look at the sunset and get enamored or non nonchalant  from simple act of looking onto it? But, driving in your car and heading through traffic doesn’t set the same thoughts and feeling to the surface?

Even an art class amongst your peers won’t resemble exactly the same. The expression will always be of its own. Think for a minute about what choices each artists made when portraying a story and what elements of art contribute to telling it. In some situations the creator tell a tales from their imaginations

A good reference is Ernst Gombrich, a writer known for his pioneer of the application of the psychology of perception to the study of art.

Check out The Story of Art by E. Gombrich on amazon for a deeper dive into the story of art and interpretation that know for over 4 decades and liked by many for it simplicity and ease of reading.

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