Become a Licensee for Wine and Canvas: Unleash Your Passion for Art and Wine


Welcome to the exciting world of Wine and Canvas, where creativity meets community and art blends harmoniously with the love for wine. If you have a passion for painting, a penchant for entrepreneurship, and an affinity for good wine, then becoming a licensee for Wine and Canvas is your ticket to an enriching and fulfilling business venture.

Why Wine and Canvas?

Wine and Canvas is not just another painting class; it’s an experience that combines artistic expression with the joy of socializing and the pleasure of sipping exquisite wines. Founded on the belief that everyone has an inner artist waiting to be unleashed, Wine and Canvas provides a platform for individuals to explore their creative side in a relaxed and fun-filled environment.

As a licensee, you will be part of a renowned brand that has successfully transformed art education into an entertainment phenomenon. With a proven business model and a strong support system, Wine and Canvas offers you the opportunity to turn your passion for art and wine into a thriving business.

Benefits of Becoming a Licensee

  • Comprehensive Training

    Wine and Canvas provides comprehensive training to help you understand the nuances of organizing successful painting events. From setting up the art studio to organizing mobile “go-shows”, you will receive hands-on guidance from experts in the field.

  • Marketing Support

    Benefit from the collective marketing power of the Wine and Canvas brand. Receive assistance in creating marketing materials, leveraging social media, and implementing effective promotional strategies to attract customers.

  • Proven Curriculum

    Gain access to a proven curriculum that caters to individuals of all skill levels. Whether your customers are beginners or experienced artists, our carefully crafted painting sessions ensure an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

  • Community Engagement

    Join a vibrant community of fellow licensees, artists, and art enthusiasts. Collaborate, share ideas, and participate in regional and national events that foster camaraderie and mutual growth.

  • Flexibility

    Enjoy the flexibility of managing your own schedule and tailoring events to suit your local market. Whether you prefer hosting intimate gatherings or large-scale painting parties, the choice is yours.

How to Get Started

Becoming a licensee for Wine and Canvas is a straightforward process designed to set you up for success. Here are the basic steps to embark on this exciting journey:

  • Application

    Start by submitting an application expressing your interest in becoming a Wine and Canvas licensee. Demonstrate your passion for art, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

  • Interview

    Participate in an interview with our team to discuss your vision, goals, and expectations. This conversation will help us understand your suitability for the Wine and Canvas family.

  • Training

    Upon acceptance, undergo extensive training that covers event planning, art techniques, wine knowledge, and business management. This training equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch and sustain a thriving Wine and Canvas business.

  • Launch Partnerships

    With our guidance and support, host a grand opening event for your Wine and Canvas business. Invite friends, family, and local influencers to experience the magic of painting and wine, creating a buzz in your community.

  • Ongoing Support

    Benefit from continuous support from the Wine and Canvas team. Whether you need assistance with event planning, marketing strategies, or troubleshooting, our dedicated support staff is always ready to help.

Join Us Today

If you are ready to turn your passion for art and wine into a rewarding business venture, join us at Wine and Canvas. As a licensee, you will not only create memorable experiences for others but also embark on a fulfilling journey of personal and professional growth.

Unlock your entrepreneurial spirit, embrace your artistic talents, and indulge in the world of Paint and Sip. Become a part of the Wine and Canvas family and let your creativity flow, one canvas at a time. Cheers to a vibrant future filled with art, wine, and endless possibilities!

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