Painting a Healthy Lifestyle

This may come as a surprise to some, but Painting has benefits beyond just a new skill or fun project. 

Work and home life can be hectic. Fortunately, there are many different ways to get in shape without the mundane treadmill at the gym or the bicycle in front of your television. Also, the lack of home gym equipment and decreased motivation are leading some folks to pause their health and wellness goals. However, painting can get you more active during those times.

Painting is a type of Exercise

Painting offers cardio by keeping your body moving, your heart pumping, and your blood flowing. 

Ever notice the sourness after painting? 

It also helps to strengthen your arms as they stretch to reach, and your core as you maintain your balance subconsciously. 

Calories Burned by Painting

Painting doesn’t burn as many calories as some traditional exercises like going for a long run, but it’s still a great way to increase your daily physical activity and keep you healthy.  It is estimated that just 30 minutes of painting can burn between 150-200 calories. 

Painting also allows for emotional release because it stimulates the creative side of your mind while focusing your attention in one place, which can lower anxiety. In this way, the creative outlet improves your mental health significantly.

Professional Help with Your Painting 

Although painting is a great exercise, it also takes a certain amount of skill, patience, and time commitment. Join a painting class with Wine and Canvas around town to optimize your health and the benefits. Don’t worry if painting isn’t your area of expertise because our instructors provide start-to-finish and easy-to-follow guided classes. You will leave feeling more confident and giddy from your accomplishment. At Wine and Canvas we stride ourselves in a positive atmosphere, with no judgment zone, and no experience necessary.

At Wine and Canvas, we offer private parties as well as kid-friendly parties.  We provide all the art supplies with each of our instructor-guided paint events for the best possible experience and outcome.