Painting Classes Near Me

Not every artist went to school or drew as kids. However, We all have creative juices flowing through our veins and we help you find them while you have a fun time re-creating a step by step guided class.

Years and years of artist have brought us amazing and spectacular pieces of life without a camera. Many painted similar sceneries and all looked different in style and perception of the times they existed and stood there for hours at a time painting and replicating those very moments in life.

One could say, I have never seen the Cafe Terrace at Night, nor the war in Guernica. Nor did many step near the view of Toledo or the Grand Canal and the Church of La Salute. But those that have, probably saw something very different each time. Art has the ability to TRANSPORT anyone to another time and place. Not only to see the hills or buildings, but to see the WORLD through the eyes of your piers.

The interpretation is far greater than what we know of the artist. A journey, a story, a fantasy, or a vision brought to life by a painter with a palette and a paint brush.

Today, we are hustling and distracted by so many different aspects of life that the great painters seem less prominent than before, however if we just take a moment and breathe…

We too can CREATE art that will transform the way one sees a car, flowers, buildings, and much more and we too can Transport the busy lives of everyone around us for a moment in time with a simple paint stroke to a canvas.

I always bring up Van Gogh in comparison of self doubt in your paintings. He too was not successful painter, (so he thought) it is the ones who finally saw his strokes of madness as talent and completely captivated by his capture of places and strokes of genius.

In the foundation of any great piece of art, there is someone like you standing in front of a blank slate….beginning to create something from nothing. Who can say that is wrong? It lives, once you give it life!

No experience is natural until to try!!!!

Come and put your effort toward a great piece, find the painter in YOU!!!

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