Unleash Your Creativity in Indianapolis: Wine and Canvas Painting with Beach Vibes!

Looking for a night filled with creativity and fun in Indianapolis? Experience the perfect blend of art and nightlife with beach-inspired wine and canvas painting events. Immerse yourself in an artistic oasis where sand, sun, and flip flops take center stage. Let your imagination run wild as you create your own beach-inspired masterpiece on the canvas.

Indianapolis may not have a natural beach, but that won’t stop you from capturing its essence in the vibrant art scene of the city. Join wine and canvas painting events that transport you to a world of urban beach inspiration. Unleash your creativity as you explore various techniques and vibrant colors, bringing the coastal beauty to life on your canvas.

No prior painting experience? No problem! Skilled instructors will guide you through the artistic process, offering expert tips and guidance along the way. And what’s a painting session without wine? Indulge in a selection of wines curated to enhance your experience as you mingle with fellow art enthusiasts.

After the painting session, the excitement continues with Indianapolis’ thriving nightlife. Explore the city’s diverse range of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, creating unforgettable memories as you immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere.

Join us in Indianapolis for an unforgettable night of creativity, beach vibes, and artistic expression. Let your imagination soar and discover the joy of wine and canvas painting in the heart of the city. Get ready for a remarkable artistic journey that will leave you inspired and energized!

Register for “Sand, Sun and Flip Flops” at Colonial Tavern Wine and Canvas event. Must be 21+ to attend
Located in a historic building that has been newly remodeled at Colonial Tavern. We will be enjoying an afternoon with great food, art, and friends…there may be some impromptu karaoke for any brave volunteers as well.
All art materials are provided including an apron. If you have little to no painting experience it’s ok, as our professional artist will walk you through the process step-by-step. The artwork is done with acrylic paints on a 16×20 canvas.

Check out Colonial Tavern to learn more about them CLICK HERE

Check out their classes and more on our upcoming events calendar.

sand, sun, and flip flops