Ever seen a painting that took your breath away but thought, “I could NEVER create that”? With Wine & Canvas paint parties, you CAN create marvelous art you’ll be proud to show off. Zero skills necessary. Learn painting the fun way!

Learn Painting in a Fun Environment

Read on to learn about some of the skills you could learn in our exciting and supportive paint parties.

Learn Painting Skill 1:

Practice Color Mixing Basics

Learn how to expertly mix, blend, and layer colors to achieve desired effects. How do you make a sparkling snowy landscape that doesn’t look like a white blob? How do you achieve the perfect highlights on a glittering ornament? Our expert artists will show you.

Learn Painting Skill 2:

Create Textures That Feel Alive

Practice using different-sized brushes to add detailed textures to your work. With the right textures, your design will leap off the canvas!

A great example of where you’ll learn this skill: our Paint Your Pet classes! Create a custom portrait of your long- or short-haired friend. Use the paints to create the purr-fect fur length for your pet.

Learn Painting Skill 3:

Hone Your Instinct for Creative Choice

Not feeling the background colors in the class painting? Break the rules! We’ll always encourage you to add your own touch.

If you want, replace the dominant purple colors in this “Boho Elephant” design with bright blues or rich greens. Get colorful!

Learn Painting - Margs and Murals Indianapolis - Boho Elephant

Craft a beautifully detailed “Boho Elephant” at our Mags and Murals event with downtown Indy’s Condado Tacos on Jan. 10.

You can even go a step further than color and add unique details or subjects. For example, change where trees or placed in this “Winter Lighthouse” landscape, or even swap the lighthouse at the center of the painting for something else!

Learn Painting - Indy Paint Party - Winter Lighthouse

Make your own creative choices when painting this “Winter Lighthouse” at Colonial Tavern on Saturday, Jan. 6.

Learn Painting Skill 4:

Discover How to Correct Mistakes

Better known as “happy accidents” (thank you, Bob Ross), mistakes DO happen when painting! Thankfully, errors are part of the process. Since our classes exclusively use acrylic paints, the pigments are thick enough to layer on corrections. Add new details along the way.

Don’t fear creating this cute peppermint raccoon! Clean up crooked lines or adjust the fur as the paint dries.

Learn Painting - Carmel Paint Party - Peppermint Raccoon

Craft the perfect peppermint raccoon at Sugar Creek Winery in Carmel on Wednesday, Jan. 24.

Learn Painting Skill 5:

Ask Questions If You’re Stuck

Not seeing a painting skill you’re eager to learn in this list? Or are you sitting at a class and discovering a problem you didn’t know existed? Our instructors are great at 1:1 help! Simply raise your hand to get a second opinion on how to best achieve your desired look.

Take this “Amethyst Snow” painting. It can be intimidating to get all the lights and shadows right in this landscape while maintaining the beautiful lavender and blue shades. Work together with your instructor to learn the best way to tackle your painting challenges! Sometimes, all you need is a different perspective.

Learn Painting - Carmel Paint n Sip - Amethyst Snow

Paint this frosty “Amethyst Snow” landscape at Danny Boy in Carmel on Thursday, Jan. 25. 

You don’t have to make a choice! Learn painting and have fun in a supportive environment. Sign up for a Wine & Canvas class near you. Build your skills and make positive memories you’ll cherish forever.